Honey Take A Stand Contemporary Country

Started by WilliamP, © All Rights Reserved 2016



Honey Take A Chance Mix 3 New Verse Uploaded 3yr+9mo ago by DaveBlanchard

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DaveBlanchard   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Here's the original length with the new verse vocal


angiekuske   commented 3yr+8mo ago

Hi Dave, thanks very much for the new versions, that's much more how I imagined it. Personally, I think I prefer your extended version. And I think we did have a conversation about changing a couple of the lines from honey take a stand to take a chance, or something similar. Quite happy for those changes, and the blue blue sky change to be made if you or William want a new version recorded. But obviously not by me, ha ha! I've made you both suffer enough!


DaveBlanchard   commented 3yr+8mo ago

Yep I prefer the longer version to but it's totally William's call. I didn't change any of your lyrics but added the blue sky because it just seemed to fit. I just uploaded the seps so we'll see how it sounds mixed. Thanks Angie, I thought you did a great job!