Nuclear Burn American Trad Rock

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I'm Looking for someone to write and sing vocals on this tune, male or female, it doesn't matter. You will get full credit for your contribution to this project. I wrote, played and recorded all aspects of this song, so I can modify the master tracks to fit around the vocals. What you'll hear is a rough mix. It may sound boring until the rest of the pieces are in place, which will be done once we have useful vocal tracks. This is my first time on, so I'm not sure if we can send tracks back and forth within the site or have to go outside of the site to do so. Anyway, give it shot... I'd like to hear what people come up with. Thanks! All Rights reserved 2010

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Genre American Trad Rock Key B major BPM 170.0 Hard Metal Progressive Rock

Collaboration started March 27, 2010 by rwl6935
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