Heart Still Beating - Mom's Version :) Soft Rock

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Creative Brief

 My favorite of Abbie's songs :))... 

sorry ... lots of static - i had to use an old mic .. I hope to redo vocals soon.

all ideas welcome!! :)))


(Abbie has unlimited spinoffs .. So we could set up a new duet version if you are inspired to develop something -

and I would love help mixing this simple version :)).... 

thanks angie 


verse 1:

freedom found me in the dark

in the rubble of my heart

still beating

barely breathing

there were others like me there

with cold hands

and all their stares were empty, 

frozen, looking back

I tried to shake them all awake

but freedom told me

you can't take 

anybody with you if you go



so I followed freedom

where you have to go alone

he broke my heart

and broke my chains

and said

it's time to go

while you're still breathing

while your heart is still beating

find out if you're alive

I followed freedom

oh, I followed freedom

and I left the rest behind


verse 2:

thought I knew him well by now

but whenever freedom turns around

I find myself

facing all my fears

every day I make a choice:

say something,

or lose my voice

in crowds that think and act and look the same

it doesn't have to be this way

if you really wanna stay

all you gotta do is close your eyes

but I can't anymore

not while I'm still alive




oh, when people that once knew you

say they don't know who you are

keep following freedom

and they'll say you've gone too far

then i felt completely alone

for the first time

and that night

I realized I was free


modified chorus:

I follow freedom

I don't know where he'll go

and it's the hardest thing

you have to do alone

but while you're still breathing

while your heart is still beating

find out if you're alive

I follow freedom

Oh, I follow freedom

I know I'm alive


I'm alive


Additional Information

Genre Soft Rock BPM 53.0

Collaboration started April 29, 2016 by AbbieSea
Last upload 4yr+2mo ago

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Copyright © 2016 by AbbieSea, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Apr 29, 2016

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