Sorry, We're Breaking Up (Bad Connection) Pop/Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by AbbieSea



Creative Brief

Hey! This is just a simple song I wrote for fun. I know the guitar is a super scratch recording, so sorry about that! I just wanted you to get the gist of it for reference & all. As always, if you feel inspired to take the vocals and do your own thing with them then feel free to go for it and I'll give you a spinoff collaboration if you just message me. Hope you enjoy the song! :)



You're looking for a girl

who doesn't step out of her place

well, I don't even know where mine is anymore

you just like the part of me

that doesn't have much dignity

but she doesn't control me anymore



I guess you just caught me at a bad time

I'm a little busy right now

livin' my life

you call and try to box me in

I'm having trouble listening

is this signal strong enough?

sorry we're breaking up


verse 2: 

what was that?

I think we have a bad connection

I thought I heard you say

that I'm too bold

I hope that it goes through alright

when I say

I don't have the time

to do everything I'm told

you know




just so you know

I'm about to hang up

I think I've had enough

of your terrible feedback (get it... "feedback" on a bad phone connection... lame puns anyone?)

you think that I'll change my mind

Oh, but I've

got someone on the other line

can't you see that


baby, you've just caught me at a bad time....etc.(chorus)




am I talking loud enough?

we're breaking up

Additional Information

Genre Pop/Rock BPM 90.0

Collaboration started May 3, 2016 by AbbieSea

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2016 by AbbieSea, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on May 3, 2016

Copyright Sharing Statement:

The owner has not yet declared how copyright will be shared with the other collaborators.

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