Hello Again- Abbie's original version (thanks for all the ideas:) Soft Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by AbbieSea



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Marked as finished -

thanks to all who downloaded ideas - i do not feel at Liberty to offer spinoffs on this track without Rich Colemans agreement, since he really managed the whole process and was such a great mentor to help me with the technical side of Kompoz and recording :)) thank you Rich!!!

but this is a spinoff of my first download to Kompoz :))) and a list of all who submitted ideas so feel free to look at the files and listen to all the great ideas :))



verse 1:

You only came to say hello again

so why

does my heart begin to race

as if 

you miss

the way we used to talk

I feel that naive smile cross my face



if you're here to say

"I kinda miss your laugh"

then I'll admit

I kinda want you back

I'd love to dream myself to sleep again.

If you tell a joke

you know I'll tell one back--

just like old times

or as close as it gets

I'll confess I'm reeling 'cause you said

hello again.


verse 2:

you didn't mean 

to say hello again

and I don't go here often anymore

but by some bittersweet coincidence

we're talking

like the time we met before




I tell myself to move on

cause we didn't have a choice

but when you're here

I can't deny

I missed hearing your voice

you fall right back into my life

so perfectly each time

I hope you always come back

even just to say goodbye



you just came to say hello again..

so, hello again.

Additional Information

Genre Soft Rock Key B flat major BPM 73.0

Collaboration started May 3, 2016 by AbbieSea

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Copyright © 2016 by AbbieSea, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on May 3, 2016

Copyright Sharing Statement:

The owner has not yet declared how copyright will be shared with the other collaborators.

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