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LYRICSMART   commented 3yr+6mo ago

Hi Anisha, First, let me welcome you to kompoz - I hope you make a lot of great friends and music on this website. Second, here are some lyrics I wrote a few years ago - they are indeed electronica - and most definitely trance. The Dropbox recording contains a vocal melody line that runs about 3:05, so it is about the right length to fit your track - it is totally your decision if you want to record this song or not - it is about a successful experiment with paranormal energy I conducted back in the early nineties. Cheers. Duane Dropbox file code for - I TURN IT ON, I TURN IT OFF -


AnishaMusic   commented 3yr+6mo ago

Hi Duane, Thank you so much for your contribution and your warm welcome. I'm loving the lyrics! Would it be possible for you to upload your melodic idea to the dashboard? That way maybe another vocalist could develop your idea? I'm still figuring out kompoz and how this platform all works. Cheers, Anisha


LYRICSMART   commented 3yr+5mo ago

Hi Anisha, I have decided to retitle the name of the song - rather than "I Turn It On, I Turn It Off", I have decided to change it to "Conducting Energy (Experiment No. 1)" - it better suits the mood and the subject matter of the song - so if you can change the title in the Creative Brief, I sure would appreciate it - the Dropbox recording stays the same - Thanks. Duane ^J^