LOVE IT Rock'n'Roll Pizza American Trad Rock

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Creative Brief

I got the title's idea few weeks ago.
Now i have a bunch of guitar riffs... let's make it a HIT!

i'm going to upload every work-in-progress, just for fun (and for educational purpose) :)

Original ArtWork by paulgalipeau


August 2010
Guitar auditions ... didn't realised how hard it can be. Each guitar addition pushes the song towards new directions (thus, more project management).

July 23 2010
Uploaded guitar licks (choruses & bridge). I don't know if i'm going to keep the choruses'ones...

July 21 2010
whoohoo, i just finished a bass track. This one is pretty cool, a simple guitar following bass track (but there's no guitar yet) :)
i might extend the end of the song.... sort of ad-lib with fade out... we'll see.

June 30 2010
i've made a drum guide track ... ok, i'm not a drummer :)

June 09 2010
I've copyto-pasted the riff collection, now we have a song structure!
It goes like this : INTRO / VERSE / CHORUS / VERSE / CHORUS / BREAK + SOLO / BRIDGE (intended to be a bass+drum+vox) / CHORUS x2 ...end

Mai 2010
First one to find is someone with song structuration skills ! (hold on bass players / hairy singers / crazy drummers ...).
(in fact, i don't expect anyone to jump onboard right now. The song looks more like a lego puzzle - but if you're motivated, YOU'RE WELCOME).

NOTE : this is a bunch of guitar riffs , not a real song (at least for now)

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Genre American Trad Rock BPM 138.0 ; lego pizza rock roll

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