I had a dream (Lyrics by DarleneP) 04052016 Southern Rock

Started by Buttercup, © All Rights Reserved 2016




By John Moric
4yr+5mo ago

Hi Christine

Personally I think the intro and outro is a bit long. 16 bars is quite long in my opinion. Could we try with a 8 bar instead. At least for the intro ?

(John =;-)


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Buttercup   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Yes I tend to agree! :) It's still early days though - this song might end up with a few different versions! I invited WilliamP to this song & he is working on my original concept of a Dixie chick kind of style, but there's no reason why we can't have a few different versions. One thing I love about kompoz is hearing people put their own twist to things that you would never have imagined at the start! I hope you have fun & hopefully you will think this song is great in the end!

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promusicmedia   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Can't wait to hear the final tracks. Joe!


JohnMoric   commented 4yr+5mo ago

I totally agree this song could end up anywhere if we/you don't keep everything on track as the owner/producer. I just listened to a few tracks with Dixie Chicks. I had never heard about them before! I'm all in on that. Up front vox and a very punchy mixed. I hope I can live up to it on the bass... I'm going to do my very best to deliver! you know I'm not really a bassist. I just started to play bass again after about 22 years! Oh man, It feels so great to be on that bass again ;) ...And I do have fun... love it and if we keep things on track this tune going to turn out great! Btw. Do you have the vox and the guitar part as separate recordings and with out any effects on? It could be nice to mess around with it a little if you don't mind. (John =;-)

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promusicmedia   commented 4yr+5mo ago

That's great! I think I can take out the box distortion and make it natural.