Blue Arrow: The Venom of the 8 Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- GaiMutasa
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Creative Brief

(If I was doing this wrong... you guys would tell me right? xD) (jk)


So this was my first attempt at a Prog Rock song, and might have more room for Collaboration than Potion Poppers lol. You can just go for it here, progress can't be made sitting still :). Have a lot of references below the line, but can be disregarded - I like ppl to know why I'm making these things... maybe that's my mistake lol.

I don't mind you pushing the direction too hard, but if you're going to try to make lyrics for it - there is a source I would like you to read and consider: For those wondering who the 8 are, should help with that too lol. It's all some quite nerdy stuff lol - so if it's not your thing but you wanna work on something other than the lyrics you can definitely skip it :P.

(The Auditory Intro) - {}. The soundtrack to this game killed, the game is about an Online Game (before they were possible to the degree they are today), and people are getting trapped in it. Morganna is kind of the... Goddess/Protector of the game? and Aida is a negative entity or virus that starts infesting the game and putting players in comas in real life, all quite crazy stuff - but really fun back in my adolescence lol.


------Stop here if you don't care too much about this madness I'm trying to explain lol----


Here is the actual reference for any songwriters of lyricists {}.

(The Visual Intro) -The song isn't bad, but not really what I'm shooting for lol here ya go (

Don't need to read too much, this stuff is pretty esoteric (and even most ppl who like the games and shows barely understand it xD) - Here so you kinda get what the 8 are {}. 

*Disclaimer, I have not read all of either of just those 2 pages lol - so don't let them intimidate you, you know what - I'll add an intro video near the top (visuals are always better than text).

*Lastly for the those who want a little fun/inspiration here is a Lets Play of the part of this series I have experienced, totally over doing it but here xD {}.

-----------------------------------End of Round 1 w/ (Ansa)--------------------------------------


Alright reopening the shop for just such a special day - doing some house cleaning and things so thought today could be a good one.


You are free to make your own antidotes ;)

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Genre Prog-Rock/Art Rock Key Unknown .hack 8 MMO Venom game online virus

Collaboration started June 6, 2016 by GaiMutasa

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GaiMutasa Gai Mutasa
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Ansa Jessica Tanenhaus
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