She Keeps Me Guessing Rock & Roll

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She Keeps Me Guessing 03 05 2017 Uploaded 3yr+11mo ago by jimmmmyt

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jimmmmyt   commented 3yr+11mo ago

3/5/17 Update - Todd's drums are in, along with Tommy's sax solo. Other tweaks, too. Constructive criticism encouraged. Thanks. :-)

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ragin9rfan   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Hey Jimmy I'd bump that Vox Group fader up a db or's one of the best things this song has going for it...the instrument mix is solid...groove's great...same with the sax solo as the vox...more up front and in your face please? Hope this helps...

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jimmmmyt   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Roger that .... thanks! :-)

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TonySawyer   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Sounding good man. This song gets stuck in my head every time I play it on here hahahaha. That is a good thing.

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bigdrums   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Sounds great Jimmy!!!