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In the Light njd3 drums Uploaded 1 year ago by njd3

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njd3   commented 1 year ago

try #3. i exported the drums as a single file and adjusted the snare hits to line up with the guitar. i think it sounds pretty close, but lost the control i had. (i didn't want to adjust 16 separate tracks) cheers

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BrotherRat   commented 12mo+2dy ago

Sounds exquisite to me :))


mauro   commented 12mo+2dy ago

Sorry for my absence. Excellent work!

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fresh727   commented 11mo+15dy ago

Beautiful mix here ,my friend...I'd be interested in a mastered event to bring into focus the wonderful elements you have captured.

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njd3   commented 11mo+14dy ago

I think I still need to upload seps from v2. I've listened to both, and I prefer the one that was not corrected for time, but it should be voted on, I think.

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BKWilliamson   commented 11mo+14dy ago

I think you're right Nick. The one not corrected for time sounds more natural to my novice ears.

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DantheMan   commented 11mo+13dy ago

I agree. v2 is a little better. sorry if i caused a ruckus. you attempted v3 after my comments. I know in the music recording industry, the pros often chop up every drum beat, correcting every single note until everything is perfect. However, we don't want a drum machine. We want you!