Country Music Seeks Vocals Contemporary Country

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What are you looking for?

By Michael Price
4yr+4mo ago

Are you looking for vocals & or lyrics???


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FingerFolkie   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Michael, click on the guy's name and look at his projects stats right under the picture. You'll see something like 80 projects with none joined. He's been discussed before in the community section. It looks like he's here mining the site for vocal talent. Most Kompoz vocalists won't touch any of his projects anymore. What he does isn't illegitimate, but it doesn't fit well with the spirit of Kompoz.


morganlikesmusic   commented 4yr+4mo ago

I'm looking to finish songs. No I haven't had a lot of success on this site. I'm looking for people who have voices that fit the style of music I create. Sure I would collaborate with other people. I haven't found anything I liked.