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mwilferd1   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Hope this is okay guys.

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Mr_Sinister   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Those lyrics are a perfect match for the mood of the music; vocal delivery is great as always, thanks brother ! (sep please)

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Gemini   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Amazing! Great work Mike!

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Moosemind1   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Cool, fits the mood nicely

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SpinDizzy   commented 3yr+12mo ago

To all, I guess I may as well share with you fellows, my stalwart friends, that I am going through a bit of a rough patch. I have been recently diagnosed with nerve damage in both my hands which makes it very painful to play. Add to that my seven string, the only instrument I usually play, is experiencing some massive issues with its electronics. It is a repair that I cannot afford at this time. To participate I would have to fall back on my fretless which I admit to not being as proficient on and mastering it will take me a bit of time. If possible I will give this a try as soon as some of the therapies that they have prescribed help (I hope anyway) and as I find ways to accommodate or somehow overcome my physical issues. I would understand completely if you feel the need to seek another bass player and would take no offense. I am hoping to beat this but the two obstacles are tough and may slow me down for a minute. I care about this particular group of like minds too much not to share but I expect no sympathy as the music must move on. Your brother, Spinatra

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Gemini   commented 3yr+12mo ago

So sorry to hear this. I believe music is simply a reflection of our state of mind. Thus would the music suffer if it were in command. So I say let us wait until our brother Spin is ready once more to add his unique touch to this, sadly, aptly named song. With best wishes for a speedy recovery Mark!

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Mr_Sinister   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Fate permitting, time is the great healer - the gig is yours, dear brother !

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Moosemind1   commented 3yr+12mo ago

I too am very sorry to hear this, rest and listen to a lot of music and it will heal, I don't think we are going anywhere in a hurry health first music second the the rest of the world after that :)


mwilferd1   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Get well Mark....the tun e will still be here when you are feeling better..;)