Come Find Me Again Singer/Songwriter

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Creative Brief

Well Friends, there is no other song in the world that is closer to my heart than this one.

Please work your magic, if you would be so kind - piano, acoustic guitar, violin, cello, other strings, whatever fits a tender song like this. My guitar part is just a chord guide and will be removed later.

Keeping in mind I tune down a semitone (and my low E is tuned down an additional whole step), here are the chords:

D, Bm7, G, Em7, A7

Bm, B11, G/B

The D note to C# note is consistent throughout, except for the middle section.

Thank you so much. Peace.


I see your empty chair

It's where you used to dream

Of new adventures that

Were near and far and in between


I didn't have to say

How much I missed you when

You rarely left my side

We never wanted it to end


So let me know 

You'll come find me again


If I was on a stage 

And I had to cry on cue

I could imagine today 

It's really all I'd have to do


To deliver a 

A most convincing scene

Not a dry eye in the house

Not even in the mezzanine


I beg of you

To come find me again


Please make it obvious 

So I will recognize 

You when you look at me

And I see it in your eyes


We'll know immediately 

What we're supposed to do 

I'll be as patient as I can

But all the while I'm missing you


So hurry please 

And come find me again

Additional Information

Genre Singer/Songwriter Key Db (D) BPM 110.0

Collaboration started July 19, 2016 by jimmmmyt
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Effective on Jul 19, 2016

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