THE WHOLE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN song lyrics Chicago Blues

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by Joel Sattler 

[written at the Tastee Diner, Bethesda, MD] 

I know I'm right side up 
got coffee in the cup 
the eggs are on the plate 
there must be some mistake 
they're staring up at me 
as gold as they can be 
don't even try to hide 
stay on the sunny side 

the room is spinning round and round 
the whole world is upside down 

there's nothing wrong with me 
I'm steady as can be 
the sidewalk's in the sky 
and everybody's high 
the cashier's talking backwards 
and lies are moving fact words 
nobody's making sense 
not in the present tense 

the radio singing without a sound 
the whole world's upside down 

there once was a time 
back in my prime 
and I ignored the one way sign 
I went go at every stop 
I fell off of the top 
and I started at the finish line 

I asked for over easy 
they looked at me so sleazy 
I tried to laugh it off 
the yolks were much too soft 
and when I start again 
I had to make new friends 
I swear it's not my fault 
the cap came off the salt 

I aint lost but I sure aint found 
the whole world's upside down !!!! 


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