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POLICEMAN BLUES song lyrics 
by Joel Sattler 

got home from the road 
head bout to explode 
wired from the load 
paid the dues I owed 
walked into the house 
quiet as a mouse 
she left me a note 
said I'm gone unquote 
don’t wanna be Missus Cop
this madness gotta stop
she took my overcoat 
and that was all she wrote 

don't gimme no blue news today 
no policeman blues
don't gimme no blue news today 
don’t want policeman blues
one more kick in the head 
I’m tired of seeing red 
don't gimme no blue news today 
I got policeman blues
I thought that I was tough 
but I have had enough 
don't gimme no more blues, no way

woke up feeling drowned 
to hear the TV sound 
looked at the screen and found 
they burned down half the town 
the Cap called and said “Jerk,
although they gone berserk 
this is no time to shirk 
you still gotta come to work!” 
but how could I refuse? 
I put back on my blues 
and tied my walking shoes 
so don't gimme the bad news 

the riot in the street 
was feeding on blue meat 
and the sound of running feet 
us police took the heat 
I couldn't use my gun 
it wasn't any fun 
look out for number one 
and when the deed was done 
they made us take the blame 
but I was not ashamed 
I bore up under pain 
and walked home in the rain 

don't gimme no blue news today 
no policeman blues
don't gimme no blue news today 
I got policeman blues
one more kick in the head 
and I'll go over the edge 
don't gimme no blue news today 
I got policeman blues
I had enough of sorrow 
we'll try again tomorrow 
don't gimme no more blues

don't gimme no more bad news for blues today 


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Genre Electric Blues

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