Feels Like Home Adult Contemporary

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Feels like home idea Uploaded 4yr+5mo ago by StevenSweet

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StevenSweet   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Hi Sara, and welcome to Kompoz! Was wading through compositions and came across this gem. Your voice is amazing, and I think this song has a lot of potential :) Anyhow, I just quickly threw together some piano and strings. Very rough. My apologies towards the end, as my sustain pedal took a crap :( If ya' like it, cool, I can take it a lot further and make it a much more complex production, if not, hopefully it helps in the guidance of chord structure and such. Take care!


sararobin   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Hi Steven!! Thank you so much!!! I like the fact you made some changes in chords, especially in the refrain, the only chords that I'd keep as I wrote them are those from 15'' to 20'' and so in the same point of every verse. (I hope I explained well) Would you like to work again on it with the guitar?Do you think it's a good idea? thank you again!!! Sara


StevenSweet   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Sounds great Sara...I'll take another stab at it and see what I can do :) I'll get some guitar going too when I get a chance,