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WHEN RUMI MET ATTAR song lyrics 
by Joel Sattler 

on the day that Rumi met Attar 
was the day that the star appeared 
the star of alternate knowledge 
the ending of ultimate fear 

the day of the morning forever 
the night that was only a dream 
a hand took a hand in friendship 
and what is was what could have been 

the son behind the father 
the father in front of the son 
the sea being followed by ocean 
the one being all it becomes 

Attar gave Rumi a book 
of the web that is weaved in the world 
how a man can get tangled in wealth 
his soul for the love of a girl 

but the work is worth that you live for 
and the word is worth all you can say 
so remember tomorrow's a promise 
of the labor we put in today 

on the day that Attar met Rumi 
was a day of a thousand years 
the past is the future a circle 
of joy and the ending of tears 

listen to the reed 
and to the tale it tells 
there are a billion heavens 
but only a single hell 

all who you think you seek 
you seek and no one else 
his essence speaks through thee 
you are looking for your self 

when we are dead seek not our grave 
seek not our grave beneath the earth 
but look into your heart and you will see 
all that we have become worth 


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