Monsignor Jones Blues-Rock

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Creative Brief




E /A

Monsignor Jones is, all Skin and Bones

He’s got a little bit of time.  To quit the blow,

the woman on the corner by the neon sign.

G                A                 Em

Oh Monsignor Jones


Monsignor Jones has, Sex on the phone masquerading as

A single guy with a job.  Sentimental and

gentle with a shiny new Saab.

E                A                 Em/C

Oh Monsignor Jones x2

G                A                              C    

Jesus wants you for a sunbeam, And I, will get you there on time

Cause I’m the hangman, and I’m your judge

and I’m no preacher and I’ve no church

E         C                      G                   

Stop your running and just watch your bloody guts spill to the ground

There’ll be no, condoling or memorial from the crowd

And as your dying breath just hangs

E           C                    C                    B7      C  B7

You’ll know exactly how it feels, the other way around


County Fireman Fred has never married or wed.

He’s saved a little bit away, so when he finds her, he’ll wed her, bed her  and take her away

E                 A                 Em

Oooh county fireman Fred


County Fireman Fred’s Love, is clearly pure symptomatic a need to be real

He met a girl on the phone, she owns a Saab and …

…Maaan she can squeal!

G                A                 Em/C

Oh County Fireman Fred,   x2

G                A                           C

Jesus wraps you in his love,  And I will get you there on time

Cause I’m the hangman, and I’m your judge

and I’m no preacher and I’ve no church

E          C                      G           

Stop your running, It’s unbecoming

Don’t you know that all, The stupid ones will shine above

And as your dying breath just hangs

E            C                    C                    B7      C          B7

You’ll get to feel all forty lubed and ready inches of my baseball bat’s love


E                A                 Em

Oh Monsignor Jones

May your hypocrisy , dine upon your bones

You should probably know

When your confession is through

We'll try out my brand new  Deli slicer

G                A                 Em

Non stick Aluminum coated

G                A                 C

A removable feed tray for faster cleaning of your bloody pieces.

 G               A                              C

You won't be buried in the ground,  I run a homeless shelter downtown

You’ll be Sunday’s all you can eat buffet

So shake a leg  lets get this  started

E               C                    G                              D

It’ is littered, literally littered…

With all the tombstones that I call

C.    B7            E

Home, Monsignor Jones



Additional Information

Genre Blues-Rock Key B#/Fm BPM 80.0

Collaboration started September 2, 2016 by Railstin
Last upload 4yr+1mo ago

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Copyright © 2016 by Railstin, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Sep 2, 2016

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