Mary Rogers Folk-Rock

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I wrote these lyrics loosely based on a real person.  This is a song about the plight of the mentally ill; sad, melancholy, tragic, but with a hopeful ending.  This should have a soft, mournful guitar throughout.  The last stanza should be sung a capella and be distant, dreamy, fading.  It can be approached one of two ways - pop rock ballad (think Jewel) or folk/rock (think Dylan). Thanks for consideration of my song.  Sample melody here for starters, if it helps -




Couldn't pay the rent, could you Mary?

Back out on the street , dearest Mary.

Winter's in the air, once a girl with pretty hair,

And the days are shorter now my dear Mary.




Where will you go, Mary Rogers?

Parks can be so cold, Mary Rogers.

Out into the night, shadows everywhere a fright,

(Tell me) where will you go, Mary Rogers?


Store clerk turned her head, will you Mary?

Run fast as you can, dearest Mary.

Cops are on the way, daddy's calling you to play,

And the gun you dropped they found, my sweet Mary.


What will you do, Mary Rogers?

Jail can be so cold, Mary Rogers.

Throw away the key, pray to God on bended knee,

(Tell me) what will you do, Mary Rogers?


Stranger took you in, did he Mary?

Promised you the moon, dearest Mary.

Black eyes gave away, what an awful price to pay,

And nobody gave a damn, my sweet Mary.


When will it end, Mary Rogers?

Men can be so cold, Mary Rogers.

Needles always lie, mommy's back home baking pie,

(Tell me) when will it end, Mary Rogers?


Slept under the bridge, did you Mary?

Zero Fahrenheit, dearest Mary.

Peaceful dreams hold sway, fly across the Milky Way,

No more worries for the pain, my sweet Mary.


When will we learn, Mary Rogers?

People can be cold, Mary Rogers.

Turn our heads away, it could be our child someday,

(Tell me) when will we learn, Mary Rogers?


Time to wake up now, won't you Mary?

Paradise is here, dearest Mary.

Old world passed away, it's a bright and brand new day,

And the sun shines just for you, my sweet Mary.


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