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Revised sax ideas Uploaded 9yr+12mo ago by MDK

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neticous   commented 9yr+12mo ago

Nice I can here the subtlety of the drums here. I will get on the bass.

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markmiller   commented 9yr+12mo ago

Nice work marty...can't wait to hear this with the bass... btw...what the hell do you do to my drums to make them sound so clear...and the toms have so much tone.))) What track did you use here? dry, wet, or mix?

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MDK   commented 9yr+12mo ago

I used the dry track, EQ with a small bump up at about 95Hz, a little multiband compression, and a medium hall reverb.

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neticous   commented 9yr+12mo ago

I was playing bass to this last night and the only thing I think should change is a the very end. I think the piano should take it out alone at 3:19 or so where it does the Dm11 A#m11. The A#m11 sustaining alone at the end will help returning the listener to the beginning of the journey, kind of like reminding them were they came from. Just a thought. Cool stuff, the bass is coming along.


DeMeriden   commented 9yr+12mo ago

Just checking in over here in the Jazz corner to hear what is happening .. and loving it. Yeah Mark .. drum quality is super. I am following this.

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SpinDizzy   commented 9yr+12mo ago

This is just brilliant all! I am near speachless at its beauty. Dank S.