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Revised sax ideas A Uploaded 10yr+6mo ago by MDK

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MDK   commented 10yr+6mo ago

Removed the saxes in the last few bars, added Pete's bass track "A". If the saxes are ok in this mix, I'll upload the sax tracks.

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neticous   commented 10yr+6mo ago

I have listed a few times, sounding real good. There is something about the bass making the drums less distinct in this mix, not sure what it is. Also sounds like you pulled your horns down a bit. What's your take Mark? And where is Donald? Love your horn section Marty, you do that so well. Guy's this is coming together well. Just so you all know, I asked Jeff if he would grace us with some of his tasteful energetic smoking nasty guitar work in the bridge around 1:55. He said after he wakes from his thanksgiving food induced coma he would take a look. Gobble Gobble. Great work guy's. Pete

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markmiller   commented 10yr+6mo ago

I think in this take, the bass may be a little too present...but with added instrumentation, things will change again anyway ) If drum seps would help, I can send them. Just didn't want to clutter things up, if unnecessary... Horns do sound wonderful Marty...nice work. Look forward to smokin', hearing Jeffs' take...)) Is Donald bringing the pumpkin pie??

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MDK   commented 10yr+6mo ago

Yep, it does seem the bass is a bit much, probably taking away some of the drums "sparkle" and the clarity of the mix in general. New mix coming up.