Distorted Bass track 150bpm Metal

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CompletelyNewMaster Uploaded 1yr+11mo ago by tbase2000

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tbase2000   commented 1yr+11mo ago

Ok...so I moved tracks to align with the metronome. Now it shouldn't be an issue with timing if anyone wants to track over it. I like using the metronome and when I can't nothing ever comes out as good. This is how my project sits now for the mix so please use this track. It's close enough to the click that no one should notice. I'm a little late on vocals sometimes but I wasn't using a click track. Hard to be on time when your screaming. Need that click to cut through to your brain. I can fine-tune the vocals later.

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tbase2000   commented 1yr+11mo ago

1:50 Lead? :)


Vanillawillis   commented 1yr+11mo ago

Hoooooly shit lol this song kicks so much ass I actually feel like I have been in a fight when I am done listening to it lol are those Roberts drums? A couple spots, mainly the beginning I think could be a little better, but other than that I think he nailed it?? Definitely needs some leads. Just a raw, smash mouth, in your face tune. Friggin love it Tony! I would still like to fine tune my rhythm. I had some really cool ideas in my head that my skill level just would not allow me to play lol I will get it right eventually though :)

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tbase2000   commented 1yr+11mo ago

Yeah...those are his drums. It should be fine now if everyone switches to this new track so that it syncs to the metronome and fits nicely in my project. It's dirty and fun. If you have ideas, drop them in as a separate track. Feel free to overdub anything you need to. I moved a little of your original track around just to hit the beats where I felt it...not much though. It's a banger!