Melody in Dminor - Moving on Pop/Rock

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Moving on (Instrumental) - updated arr. (mix 01) Uploaded 2yr+11mo ago by NikolaMilosevski

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NikolaMilosevski   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Special thanks to: Figsounds (Raul), unaHm (Daniel Swain), Soundlab (Jacob Munk Nielsen), root68 (Markus Lammarsch), Nicola Offidani, Markus Leberecht, Darlene Pappalardo - and everyone who listened and gave their comments :) Wish everyone a Happy New Year!


KingLarry   commented 2yr+11mo ago

You got the right band for this smooth song. Great job, everyone


unaHm   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Happy New Year Nikola! I really like the extra details that you've added to this gives it a tremendous depth, and amplifies the emotions that the music refers to. I agree with FIGSOUNDS in that it's a beautiful mix, but even the word 'beautiful' doesn't seem to do it justice! I'm honoured to be a part of this project!


NikolaMilosevski   commented 2yr+11mo ago

I thank all of you. Without you and this site, finishing my music would take alot more time trying to find perfect musicians for collaboration. It's been a wonderful and fun experience, and I hope that we can work on more songs in the future. :)


Soundlab   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Thank you and a happy new year to you too.

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Beautiful work !!!!! Happy New Year to you !!