Silhouette Grunge

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Creative Brief

This is a song I wrote about chasing existential fulfillment to madness. I am only a song writer and an average singer, so I completed this with a friend to the best of our ability, but I envision it being played a little slower in a grunge style with better vocals and possibly different drums and bass to match the changed guitar lead. The guitarist who originally helped me is very good, and he captured the original strum pattern that I want to preserve, but it's too upbeat and rocky for the subject matter.

I'm looking to take this slowly and build it one step at a time, so I suppose first of all, I'm looking for a grunge guitarist who can capture the right sound and mood for the song. From there, I will seek out the other pieces. With each build, I can sing the vocals in the interim until the final step, which will be to find a really good vocalist to complete the song.

The lyrics are as follows:


VERSE 1:          Conversations

                        The things not being said

                        You call it out

                        They tell you

                        It was only in your head


                        Undeniable, yet undefinable


VERSE 2:          Strange connections

                        So nearly clear it seems

                        The crazy, almost narrative

                        Appearing in your dreams


                        Undeniable, yet undefinable


PRECHORUS:    Well there’s something more I’m seeing

                        Something just behind the scenes     

                        But I’m so hungry for answers

                        Maybe that’s all that it means.


CHORUS:          Silhouette, is the dance done yet?

                        Thought I saw your face

                        And I need it to be real.


                        Silhouette…shadow at my door

                        Thought I saw your face

                        And I need it to be real.


VERSE 3:          Coincidences

                        They happen all the time

                        But the instant that you try to guess

                        They will overwhelm your mind


                        Undeniable, yet undefinable


PRECHORUS:    Repeated


CHORUS:          Repeated


BRIDGE:          I need something to be sure

                        I just don’t feel well anymore

                        And I don’t know why

                        I can’t describe


                        Used to feel on solid ground

                        No certainty

                        No truth around

                        Desperately drifting


CHORUS:          Repeated


OUTRO:            Sihouette…

                        I’m at the door

                        There’s no one here

                        That’s how it feels

                        That’s how I feel

Additional Information

Genre Grunge

Collaboration started October 20, 2016 by irish
Last upload 3yr+7mo ago

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Copyright © 2016 by irish, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Oct 20, 2016

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