I've Lost My Mojo Blues

  Spin-off   Spun by LooknGlass



Creative Brief

Something I came up with for Walter Paul Owen's cool blues tune. Workin on this and vocals for Raymond DeMeriden, so it might be a few days for vox


I've Lost My Mojo

I used to have no problem, was a ladies man,
They melted like putty, while eatin outta my hand
They use to call me debonair, a real Don Juan;
used to call me a charmer, but now the magic’s gone 

Where did it go
I don’t know
I’ve lost my mojo

My face is pretty red, I’m still feelin the sting
Didn’t see it coming, from that petite pretty thing
I gave my usual spiel, the smoothest lines I had
All I got was cold-cocked, and a headache real bad

Where did it go
I don’t know
I’ve lost my mojo

Lately I admit, I aint been out that much
but never thought I’d get rusty, and lose my touch
Time to step up my game, get around and circulate
Find me my groove again, before it’s just too late

Where did it go
I don’t know
I’ve lost my mojo

I’ve lost my mojo
Where did it go
I’ve lost my mojo
Where did it go

2016 © L. James Tanner

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Genre Blues BPM 116.0

Collaboration started October 28, 2016 by LooknGlass
Last upload 3yr+4mo ago

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Copyright © 2016 by LooknGlass, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Oct 28, 2016

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LooknGlass James Tanner
Goshen Indiana USA
WalterPaulOwen Walter Paul Owen
Chicago Illinois USA
GeorgeSC George Schiessl
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