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Creative Brief

Looking for help of musicians (songwriting, lyric writing, instrumentals, bpm, hook, etc.) to help convert this political activist type of short poem into a powerful musical composition.  Style could be rock, hip hip, folk, reggae... doesn't really matter at this point.  Looking for input on the entire creative direction and components that would work with the framework of this poem.  In short, the theme of the poem is about expressing discontent with the things that most people can generally agree on... and no matter our disagreements on small points here and there (which maybe just needs more discussion and understanding of one another to come to compromise), we should all still be assumed to be caring, loyal, decent Americans at the end of the day unless evidence proves otherwise (something that seems to be lost in our political discourse nowadays).


"My Anti-Thesis" by Gypsy Rhymes

December 1, 2016


I'm anti-coke and anti-crack.

But, I'm just as much anti-labeling weed as "whack".


I'm anti-cigarettes and toxic goo.

That means I'm anti-orthodox in paying fat cat dues.


Yes, I'm anti-oil and anti-gas… 

no doubt, anti-coal and methane trash.


I'm really anti-litter that pollutes our streets…

and, sadly, anti-education that's so incomplete.


I'm anti-slums and anti-bums… 

anti-war… and, semi-automatic guns.


I'm anti-monopoly and special interest needs…

and, anti-tax breaks for the wealthy breed.


I'm anti-propaganda and political alibis…

that is, anti-corruption and polarizing media lies.


I'm anti-super PACs and all the abuse of funds...

and, damn right, I'm anti-religions that molest the young.


I'm anti-Hollywood and superficial glamour scenes…

hands down, I'm anti-makeup and child beauty queens.


I’m absolutely anti-rape and violent disputes.

In essence, I'm anti-criminals and distorted truths.


I’m anti-bashing honest immigrants on predatory lines…

and, anti-promoting any crude, rude, wicked, filthy signs.


Unquestionably, I’m firmly anti-hate towards our brave police...

But, still, I’m anti-cops above the law –- got to keep the peace!


You know, I'm anti-hard knock lobbyists killing our progressive ways.

And, just disgusted, I’m anti-supremacy and any xenophobic praise.


To be blunt, I'm anti-racism, nationalism, and straight up ignorance.

To be begged, I'm anti-fascism, social destruction, and pure belligerence.


You know, I guess I'm just anti-peer pressure all throughout society.

And, man, OH MAN… I'm anti-stress, paranoia, and anxiety!


So, now you’ve read this sample of my anti-this… and, of course, my anti-that…

But, take away that I’m perfectly pro-American… leave me that most important fact!

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