Have You Seen the Stars Tonight (Chutzpah Orchestra) Adult Alternative

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This is the first draft concept. Invitations will be sent out. At the same time - ideas are welcomed of course. My thanks to Rick CoNNer for allowing me to use his inspirational guitar work which gave me the concept. Words by the incredible Joel will be used.

What is it like to travel in space inside a container of metal and wires? Is it significant that every astronaut has come back profoundly change - come back with an overwhelming knowledge that humanity and the earth are .. thing. Are we just an insignificant speck in the Milky Way?

Far from it.

Of all the planets, Earth teams with life. Even the Earth itself - so joined to the life it carries, seems alive. And what if one travels so far distance that Earth disappears in the dots of light? Nothing but aloneness. Silence. The only connection back to Earth and its life being what Quantum physics calls 'entanglement'. A mysterious link which can never be broken joins us all - perhaps it is what was once called 'soul'.

a voice inside the dark
calling from the sky a spark
a moon a planet a flash of light
within the space that's always night

come with me
come with me
and we will see what can be seen
come with me
come with me
this is real, not a dream

have you seen the stars tonight
have you seen the Milky Way
lost in ether beyond sight
the place where it is never day

have you seen the stars tonight
have you seen the constellations
we will fly into the light
where there is no explanation

no antidote to gravity
the photons bend around the sun
for now there's only you and me
to watch the comets as they run

ten billion years is just a moment
a moment is only forever
we will sail the universal ocean
and find the answer beyond the never

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Genre Adult Alternative Key E minor

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