the blue eyed boy meets perfect cat (happy bday Isaac :) Alternative Folk

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Creative Brief

thanks to James Frazer (off the wall) for his fantastic music track :))!!!



today is my oldest sons 19th bday .. :))

I was on complete bed rest with him for 12 weeks at the end of his pregnancy-

he struggled for years with his fine motor skills and ability to read because of un-identified eye problem .. Which Caused him to see everything different than most.. At least part of the time-

he took a lot of grief during that period - one eye doctor just said he was a liar .. Cause he wanted glasses like his sister .. That he had perfect vision ..

truth was .. For a while his vision was "perfect" and then everything would get distorted - he still struggles with this..

but years of different types of therapy, has helped him to manage it ..

music .. Drumming and violin.. Helped him to manage his frustration ..

it all made him more compassionate ..

Slower to judge

because you never know what you don't know

about another's struggles ..

humbled his mom a bit too ..


if anyone wants to add anything ..

I would love to hear some fresh ideas for this song I wrote for him ..

he is such a big hearted kid.. I am so proud of him!!





The blue eyed boy

 meets perfect cat..

Lyrics by Angie Coogle




there once was a blue eyed boy.

who could see thru the dark 

but not in the light..

so he dreamed in the day 

and was awake at night..

in the woods by the moon..

a careless wolf

in a Purr fect cat world......





she read a lot of books 

she  knew what to do..

to keep that big bad wolf 

from eating sweet little you.

from eating sweet little you



there once was a blue eyed boy

who played in the dark 

as purr..fect napped..

he howled as he tried to climb every tree

until purr..fect turned on the sharp lights 

and carlessly  he?d fall asleep ..

to meow meow meow





she read a lot of books 

she knew just what to do..

to keep that big bad wolf 

from eating sweet little you.

from eating sweet little you



Now the boys eyes see more green than blue..

he takes lots of naps like a purr..fect cat should...

but every once in while he carelessly forgets...

about purr..fect cats... 

meow meow meow..

the door opens..

the moon lights from within..

the boy begins to dream..

he tries to climb every tree..

then he falls to the ground...

lets out the HOWL...

of a careless wolf..

awake in the woods..

awake in a purr..fect world...

awake in a Purr..fect world...




to my blue boy..


always look up.. do what you feel is right..

try not to fall for the meow of the purr..fect cat..


thanks to James Fraser (off the wall) for this beautiful music he allowed me to use!!

all ideas welcomed .. I will keep working on lyrics and vocals :))



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