Where the light shines Singer/Songwriter

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WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES drum idea Uploaded 5mo+16dy ago by alyo

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formfisch   commented 5mo+16dy ago

Alex, you really are a musical drummer with a feel for songs! That sounds great. I'm not sure about the snare in the interlude/bridge, but I'm going to give it a few more listens, sometimes new stuff takes some time getting used to.

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alyo   commented 5mo+16dy ago

Thank you. I really like the song. When i upload the seps you can edit as you want.

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LiamB   commented 5mo+16dy ago

Alyo, as I said to felix, I wasn?t sure drums would fit this song but when he tried them they seemed to give the chorus a boost which worked. I love the way your drums are barely noticeable in the rest of the song but give the chorus that little kick it needs. Very skilfully done in my opinion. As felix says, I think you have a good feel for music. Nice job indeed