The Paranoid Monster (Phoenix vs Scorpion) Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Started by ironhide1975, © All Rights Reserved 2016



Drum audition.

By Chris Bouchard   2 years ago

Hi Anthony. Think you can upload a drumless track of you song with most of it including vocal. I could certainly try to lay some drums on top. Let me know. Cheers my friend. Chris.

Some stuff?

By Vlad Morar   2yr+5mo ago

Hey, I'm kinda new to Kompoz, so sorry if I ask for things that I should obviously know or stuff, but could you please give the time each part starts? Because I'm kinda confused, idk where it's "only piano", where everything changes, but I have some ry...

Timing and other requests

By Jeff Collins   3yr+1mo ago

Hi Anthony, This track is very cool.  I have some ides, but I could use some help identifying the exact times for the BPM and signature changes. Can you send me some information in respect to these changes?    BTW. If you're using Log...