Hip-Hop Piano (I need vocals) Hip-Hop

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Drop to my knees female AUDITION v1 0 Uploaded 3yr+9mo ago by KimNobleMusic

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KimNobleMusic   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Greetings Alexandru!!! First of all a HUGE WELCOME!! Secondly--here's an idea for your VERY COOL track!!! I'm a horrible mixer but hopefully you can hear the ideas in it!! Thanks for listening!! :)


StudioFA   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Thank you very much for your contribution! Idea is very cool ! I hope to collaborate in the future! Thank you!(sorry for my english)

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BrotherRat   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Nice work, Kim :)

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KimNobleMusic   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Thanks, Ray--rough idea but hopefully it works in the end. I'm not sure what plans Alexandru has for it however I know a good (actual) mix would make it MUCH better -- hint hint nudge nudge! :) :) :) :)