Eyes without sight Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Creative Brief

Originally "Same Story"...

Cast & Crew:

BK Williamson - Lyrics (wonderful lyrics they are too - read them below)

Mark Alan Dooley - Vocals / bass / mixing etc etc

Brian Henry - Drums

Me - Keys / Music


Eyes without sight by B K Williamson 


We sat by the fire on cold winter nights 

The other lost souls and me 

Dreams turn to ash in flickering fire light 

Disappearing like smoke in the trees 

We knew what awaited when the fire burned out 

Frozen to the ground it seems 

On the icy walk out not a person about 

Our souls would silently scream 


In eyes without sight there's no silent night 

Where dreams and reality meet 

No peace on earth and no star light 

when the frost is taking your feet 

When all you have left is a prayer for death 

Christmas songs don't mean a thing 

They can carol on high but it's all been a lie 

believing what salvation brings 


We walked past the schools and churches and fools 

huddled in doorways this night 

Like statues of stone they were found all alone 

clinging to blankets for life 

The lucky ones move into buildings and sooth 

from the frozen air in their chest 

Inside boiler rooms sometimes become tombs 

Their souls are finally at rest 


Who's to bless or to blame who cuddle the flame 

of desire and want and need 

If it's only by chance we welcome the dance 

through anarchy lust and greed 

We define right and wrong in play and in song 

but deep in our hearts we know 

We decide what is right we judge and in spite 

of our blindness we sometimes grow

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Genre Prog-Rock/Art Rock Key Am BPM 100.0

Collaboration started February 5, 2017 by peterrand
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peterrand Peter Rand
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ATLdrums Brian Henry
Milton Georgia USA
MarkAlanDooley Mark Alan Dooley
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BKWilliamson Bryan Williamson
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