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View from Somewhere Else with redleaf Uploaded 4 years ago by njd3

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njd3   commented 4yr+1mo ago

here is a version with everything Mr Ted added, but a drum mix like the one i uploaded. no offense, but all of the body was taken out of that drum mix. love the additions though.

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peterrand   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Thanks Nick! I like them both, but I am no expert on mixing... Thanks again!


Redleaf   commented 4 years ago

I agree - the skillful percussion does sound fuller and more defined in this mix. However I feel the solo violin has become thinner and almost lost altogether in places. The best mix would feature both to advantage. I make no claims on mixing ability, but I like this track a lot so maybe I'll give it another go when I have some time. Certainly no offense taken Nick, that's a good recoding technique for the drums you have.

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njd3   commented 4 years ago

well geez. thanks for all the kind words. i'm no mixing expert either. i just thought it was missing something. and i listened to my mix again. the drums were too hot and other things were buried. i've been playing and i added a few effects to other tracks. maybe i'll try to listen on speakers rather than headphones and get a better idea of the sound. sorry to precipitate all the extra mixes . . . this track seems to be going places though :)