Beautifully Tattered (ft Brian Bergen) Adult Contemporary

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Creative Brief

Based on the original work of LyricsAbound and Simplechain, I started to create a separate version too. I've created this spin-off in order to reduce the amount of distractions from the original project!


Any ideas are welcomed - horns, different interpretations of the keys and Guitar parts. The song's quite haunting at the moment, but that can always change :-)


Original words from LyricsAbound below.


The chords are currently a 4-bar rotating pattern (as per the original):

Cm | Ab | Eb | Bb



Here is a track I need help on.  Room to Breath.  The track is about being in love with someone but still needing space in the relationship to grow.  The affection the person feels for the other person is deep however, space is still needed for an individual to grow.  I want to keep this track simple.  Would really love an acoustic guitar to be the main instrument supporting the vocals.  I am obviously not the one to actually sing this track, but would like to keep the melody.  Will need some bass added as well.  

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Genre Adult Contemporary Key C minor BPM 75.0

Collaboration started February 18, 2017 by unaHm
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