Right Coast Left Coast Crossover Jazz

Started by MDK, © All Rights Reserved 2011



Right Coast Left Coast Uploaded 9yr+3mo ago by MDK

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MDK   commented 9yr+3mo ago

This mix features Dan and the Alien from Osaka together in one venue!

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DantheMan   commented 9yr+3mo ago

Alien from Cincinnati. Sounds like the title to your next project. The mix sounds great!

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MDK   commented 9yr+3mo ago

Cincinatti, Osaka... they both greet you with "Ohio!"

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minime   commented 9yr+3mo ago

A HAMMER TRACK !!! Excelent Mix and your Music work is really outstanding !!! Big Fun to listen this what you have do here !!! Minime Fan :-)


Fretlessian1   commented 9yr+3mo ago

Great stuff all. Cutting edge music...Love that Osakian drum part!!! WOW!

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Lonnie   commented 9yr+3mo ago

Will you guys be wearing red plastic hats in the video? There will be a video, right?

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DantheMan   commented 9yr+2mo ago


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MDK   commented 9yr+2mo ago

Thanks for your talent and support!

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DantheMan   commented 6yr+3mo ago

I never did get a prize for this....we won 3rd or something??

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MDK   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Should have gotten a CD or T-shirt or something...