I Will Cry No More Soft Rock

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I Will Cry No More Master Uploaded 8mo+12dy ago by Bommie1977

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Henkjan   commented 8mo+11dy ago

Hello i would recommend using less reverb/room on the vocals and making the music louder in the mix. Of course vocals have to stand out above the mix but now i harlyy can hear the drums/combo If the reverb is already in the rezcording i recommend using a vocal dry vocal booth like this or make 1 yourself https://www.thomann.de/nl/the_t.akustik_vocal_booth_bundle.htm?glp=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAp5nyBRABEiwApTwjXp7shS_WOKE7xKOun9eyv8K9I3TXCE_HPiwuZmP1-HDW8BUvc5K5MhoCaggQAvD_BwE


Henkjan   commented 8mo+11dy ago

Strings/synths are relatively loud in the combo, drums are relatively soft, bass is OK, Is there a guitar? If yes guitars a bit louder will improve the mix. Piano can a tiny bit softer. Songs is OK!!! Musicians are OK. It is the recording and mixing. The overall sound. For the synths perhaps other samples can be used.