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MUSIC BY MESNITU.  Lyrics and Vocals by  Dirty Word Holiday



I don't believe in magic

I don't believe in drugs


I don't know where you've been held up

but time has come to count you down to one.   


I know the way you hassle

to get back to where you were before.


I've seen through the future

and know not to open up that door.


I've seen you drown your spirits

with tumblers full of rum


I've seen the thrill you've taken

as your foes come undone


You found your home in mirrors

they reply one to one


You've given a leach to Titus

you walk out towards oblivion


Now there's no pull to the poles

there's no life in your eyes


There's no reason

for you to cut all your ties.


It took a little doing

to separate the crust from the core


It was held in balance

till you pushed it once more.


No I don't remember

No I don't understand

the cause of this departure

you wipe clear your bloody hands.  


No one ever sees the reason

the plateau's surrounded by the meadows


I give it a good go round.


Into crystal coating

the talking stone was formed.


Ruled by rods of iron

we've given up these guns.


Fulfilled by lust for power

getting it run

the last chore is

digging up the uranium.

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