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Creative Brief

It's spin-off enabled if someone wants to harden it up a bit...here are the lyrics and chords...

Just Like Americans

They listen to their media, and think they hear the news

they listen to their leaders, and buy into their views

they think the ones that lead them, will surely speak the truth

they don't believe, there's anything, behind the scenes



And all the while, its plain to see

they're only repeating history

yes all the while, they're thinking

just like Americans


They can't stand hypocrisy, they see in others

they cannot see the same thing, in themselves

its always someone else's fault, the situation we're in

so pass the blame, and never find the cause





Listening to the wrong folks, believing in the wrong things

overworked, and weary, just like Americans


They go to work, and take care of their family

the rich exploit them, each and every day

they bear up under all of this, and press on

its risky to speak, but they've got plenty to say




Chords...per jguitar.com

intro/verse...Bm6   B7#9sus2 (Bm9)

chorus...D6   DM7   E   E13   D6sus4addb11   E7b11sus2(E9)   Bm6   B7#9sus2

intro/verse chords

chorus chords

bridge...DM7   D6   E13   E   D6sus4addb11   C#m6bb5

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Genre Alternative BPM 116.0

Collaboration started March 16, 2017 by GELECTRIC
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Copyright © 2017 by GELECTRIC, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Mar 16, 2017

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