YOU CAN TALK TO ME song lyrics by Joel Sattler Acoustic Blues

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YOU CAN TALK TO ME song lyrics 
by Joel Sattler 

I know that it's been awhile 
since you and I were one 
but I can still see your smile 
with every rising sun 
don't think that your heart's marooned 
even though I set you free 

you can talk to me, talk to me 

you think that nobody cares 
but I'm always here for you 
your tears are just like a child's 
you know all you have to do 

is just talk to me, talk to me 

the world is so scary wild 
but my door is always here 
and when things become to much 
and your soul is full of fear 
pretend that my hand's in your's 
and you hear my voice so clear 

you can talk to me, talk to me 

I can give you a place to stay 
shelter from the storm 
and when winter's bitter cold 
my home is safe and warm 

come and talk to me, talk to me 

when you're gone a thousand miles 
just pick up the telephone 
and maybe I'll make you laugh 
when your heart turns into stone 
you know that it's true 
I'll know what to do 

just talk to me, talk to me 

tomorrow I'll think of you 
and remember what to say 
whatever that I can do 
to get you through the day 

remember you can always talk to me, talk to me 

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Genre Acoustic Blues Key D BPM 85.0

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