YOU CAN TALK TO ME song lyrics by Joel Sattler Acoustic Blues

  Spin-off   Spun by Buttercup

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Talk to me (Elvis mix 01) Uploaded 3yr+4mo ago by Buttercup

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Buttercup   commented 3yr+4mo ago

Hi guys, This is Elvis' first mix. I personally really like it! Please feel free to give your honest feedback! Best wishes, Christine

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Fantastic !!!!

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 3yr+3mo ago


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kman   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Great mix!

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JonGarcia   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Great job,


RHallGuitar   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Awesome work on this one!

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Buttercup   commented 1yr+8mo ago

RHallGuitar Thanks for listening and leaving a nice comment! I was extremely lucky to collaborate with these talented guys!