The Tempter Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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The Tempter Uploaded 1mo+13dy ago by sriracha

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sriracha   commented 2mo+9dy ago

New mix with some minor adjustments and the application of stuff learned. :D

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CoryFrey   commented 2mo+9dy ago

Can only listen on cheap comp speakers here at work. your balance sounds better. Guitars are nicely in front of the rhythm section. I will listen this evening at home more. Nice job man!

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CoryFrey   commented 2mo+8dy ago

Listening at home now. You got it. Punchy, clear. I don't hear anymore distractions like the clicky bass and kick drum. Guitars are great. I dig the phasey fx before the gtr solo.

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sriracha   commented 2mo+8dy ago

sweet! That vid was really helpful. And that effect - I totally stole that from an idea you had in one of the first mixes, lol. :D I'll update the tracking mix as well.

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CoryFrey   commented 2mo+6dy ago

RE: I totally stole that from an idea you had in one of the first mixes. LOL. Well it wasn't mine either. I got it somewhere. I forget now.

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sriracha   commented 2mo+6dy ago

standing on the shoulders of giants.... :D