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Help Wanted

Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- ItsaVerb
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Creative Brief

I'd like to take the producer's perspective on this song, and invite anyone who wants to contribute even a measure or two on an instrument that suits the song to submit ideas!


The instrument separate tracks are also just isolated versions of the original virtual instruments provided for your convenience--to make your own sub-mix depending on what instrument you're composing for.  Or KOMposing, as the case may be.  :)

What I'm going for is a real band sound.  All of this was loops or midi/virtual except the sloppy electric guitar in the full rough mix (amp sim of course), but it's getting pretty close to the vibe.  I'll fill in the blanks with better virtual instrument I can get more natural sounds out of, but any 'real' recordings I can get (e.g. mic'd guitar amp, acoustic drums, acoustic percussion, etc.) would really suit the material, I think.  More than anything, real human performances is what will give it the organic, somewhat "raw" sound I'd like to hear. 

I classified it country, but I'm thinking more alt-country, midwest cowpunk.  Faux rebel.  Less Nashville Polish more Dirty Garage.

It's in C, I guess, but it sounds kinda sad.  Not sad, sad.  Not 'you broke my heart' sad, definitely not 'you died' sad, more a somber resignation--like maybe this is as good as it gets, a surrender of sorts.

By going for a little rowdier sound, I think lyrically, a bit of irreverence could easily work. Not slapstick humor, but a sardonic/satirical slant wouldn't be bad.  :)

WISH LIST (in order of priority):

1.  Lyrics--Gotta know what it's about!

2.  Instruments:  

Single Phrases welcome!  Verse is 8 Measures (F-C-F-C-G  Dm-C-G  Dm-G)  Chorus/Intro is 8 Measures (C-Dm-C-Dm   F-C-Dm-G)

Accent phrases (lead guit, e.g.) 2 measure phrases

Lead Guitar Solo (oh, would slide be too much to ask? :D) 8 Measures, Verse chord progression.

Acoustic Guitar(S)  (1) strumming 8th notes for rhythm element, (2-optional) picking phrases like  the ones in the demo.

Electric Guitar (Rhythm and Lead)--CAN I GET A TELECASTER PLAYED THROUGH A MIC'D AMP?!? :D  Do what you need, I just think it needs to TWANG (and have a little grumble/dirt).

Legato instrument--Pedal steel would be AWESOME, obviously, that sounds good in the demo.  Violin would also be fantastic!

It would be groovy to have a bunch of bits to incorporate, given how simple the chord progression is, so please consider contributing a little, or more! 


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Genre Alternative Country Key C BPM 68.0

Collaboration started March 25, 2017 by ItsaVerb
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