She is Murderous Singer/Songwriter

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Murder and Jazz Go Well Together--Avant Garde Version Uploaded 3yr+1mo ago by ItsaVerb

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ItsaVerb   commented 3yr+1mo ago

You'll think I'm joking... I am. Kinda. But I'd be truly interested to hear you sing the song to this!! (fact is, listening to it and singing along myself, I rather dig it, Daddio.)


Balthazarb   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Definitely worth a go, this could work, I'll try something with a different mic tonight. Piano seems to be hitting some strange chords sometimes so I'll have to see how it works with the guitar, maybe its a jazz thing! The drums are really nice, could be that I use those and ask a jazz pianist to do something similar if it's working. Watch this space!

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ItsaVerb   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Glad you're willing to have some fun trying something out of the box! It turns out I might have a closet fetish to be a PRODUCER, lol... Yes, these parts are very interchangeable, between this version, the last version, any other stuff we sketch out. (mix and match--I can supply auditions, taste test!) The piano chords are all just 6ths and Major 7ths, so they should be compatible with the guitar chords. (yes, "a jazz thing" lol) Easy enough to dial them back, they still have a relatively jazzy sound. Yup--if there's just one piece of this you want to roll with (e.g. just the brush kit soft drum portion of this) etc, all doable, and something I enjoy, so don't hesitate to make any suggestions that come to mind!