The Time Is Right Rock

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The time is right female AUDITION v1 0 Uploaded 3yr+7mo ago by KimNobleMusic

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KimNobleMusic   commented 3yr+7mo ago

Howdy--only chorus again---reworked it (with the updated mix) based on the idea to try and reinforce the chorus with the chord changes so they each have a unique melody while still trying to maintain a consistent "sound" or "theme" with everything else. Am I understanding that correctly now?? Also, tried to resolve the note at the end. :) :) Thanks! :)


Redleaf   commented 3yr+7mo ago

I've only a laptop now & it's late so I can't listen properly but first impression is that you have indeed nailed every point raised. That's a long days work and a great result. I'll confirm again tomorrow. Thank you soooo much...


Redleaf   commented 3yr+7mo ago

This is all good, except, and this is my fault, the ending. It needs to be upbeat in mood and the descending notes don't work for me. So sorry to be picky like this. Your original instinct was better. Apart from that it's great. Do you want to upload some seps?