The Time Is Right Rock

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The time is right female AUDITION v1 0 Uploaded 3yr+7mo ago by KimNobleMusic

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KimNobleMusic   commented 3yr+7mo ago

Hi There Mr. T... OK---so here's a possible draft of what we have so far... maybe. I've uploaded my seps based on this version. A couple of notes: 1) ANYthing can be done when/if a new singer comes on board---please feel free to move me around to fit best the vision for your song--otay? 2) I changed the last chorus a bit--by accident when I was mixing I mistakenly left the old chorus with the new, updated chorus and actually thought it sounded kinda cool for the last one--a bit of a change. hahaahaha, but what do I know about cool!!???--aaaaand you're THE BOSS so no worries if you don't like it--I just thought at least you could hear it and make the final decision. I've uploaded that final chorus bit as a separate sep and tried to label it different from the others. 3) Thanks again for letting me swing at this and work through it--I learned A LOT and I really LOVE that part!!! 4) PLUS this tune ROCKS!! Chat soon and always appreciated your notes!! :) PS__Final note--I"m a WRETCHED mixer so hopefully someone can do this justice and flesh out the ideas!! :)


Redleaf   commented 3yr+7mo ago

Thanks Kim! I will get to work and see what I can do with the seps. I expect, with the overlaps and all, it's going to be like making a patchwork quilt! I'm looking forward to it - watch this space. & a really big THANK YOU for making the effort.


Redleaf   commented 3yr+7mo ago

This is the featured scratch mix with vocal by Kim which I hope to update further soon. Kim's done a LOT of work on this - brilliant!