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A Suggestion to Get Things Rolling Uploaded 3yr+5mo ago by ItsaVerb

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DavidGardiner   commented 3yr+5mo ago

Thanks very much for these. Both versions seem roughly right for 'mood'. It's very difficult to judge what the overall effect would sound like until the melody line is added. As written it's a song with a lot of repetition. It might need rearranging a bit before we do anything else. I suppose I imagined the arrangement and the melody (words) coming first. But let's add both your Version 1 and 2 to the project and see what happens.


DavidGardiner   commented 3yr+5mo ago

Sadly, I can't sing, but here is me playing with a melody idea of sorts. This is very roughly what it might sound like if we keep all the verses and leave the arrangement as it is, very 'linear'. I think it probably needs a bit more structure and interest than this, but it will let you know what I'm hearing in my head: http://davidgardiner.net/A_Little_While.mp3

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ItsaVerb   commented 3yr+5mo ago

My pleasure, David. I agree the song could use some arranging. I've only used band-in-a-box for this so far, so making structural changes is trivial. No need to worry that multiple changes would be a time-waster. The melody you supplied sounds pretty close to what I was fiddling with myself. I'll give it a whirl if only over a couple of sections to get your feedback. Any suggestions on an arrangement? My assessment is the chorus comes up too many times, maybe we could pair up verses, and turn one of them into a bridge. I can mock this up for you without much effort.


DavidGardiner   commented 3yr+5mo ago

That sounds like a plan. That way we wouldn't lose very much of the lyrics but we could give the song a bit of structure. Maybe we could work in a key change or even a melody change somewhere too. I've got no idea how to do that kind of thing.