Road To Nowhere Rock

Started by Rowin, © All Rights Reserved 2017



Road To Nowhere Uploaded 2yr+11mo ago by Rowin

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dwfreak   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Great song my friend, I hope to have the chance to challenge you on another great song of yours. Cheers brother. Chris ;-)

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Rowin   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Ahh... great to see your comment! I have noticed you are quite busy on Kompoz yourself as I am following your steps as well. Keep up the great work Chris and many, many thanks for helping me to this level of the great Kompoz-community. I will not forget that! And if I ever can please your contributions, just let me know buddy!

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dwfreak   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Will do so brother and same here we are family. I will put this one in my magic box until the next time. You are a great musician and hope to do some great music with you. Cheers and happy holidays to you and your family my friend. Chris.