October Downtempo

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Very Interesting

By Adam Willis
3yr+6mo ago

I really dig the sound going on here. Are you looking for collaboration or more work to be done on this one?


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Skookum   commented 3yr+6mo ago

Hi Adam :-) Thanks so much for listening and for your kind words. Unfortunately (& fortunately) we are done now. It took me a long time to get my vocals together. Thanks for asking. Usually I don't post completed songs but I wanted to post this one. Thanks again for your interest!! :-)


adamw79   commented 3yr+6mo ago

Cool. Listening to your stuff and digging it. I'm new to this site (just getting back into doing stuff with music) and you're the first thing that stuck out to me. Good stuff! Really really digging "Away" as well!!!

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Skookum   commented 3yr+6mo ago

Thanks! There is lots of great music on this site. It's sometimes hard to find it but it's definitely here. I look forward to checking out your posts! :-)