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Creative Brief

This concept is highly undeveloped so I invite lots of ideas. It grew out of a philosophical concept that I was playing with, and went from there...I imagine it in a Pink Floyd style to deliver the intent of the lyrics. I've included two interpretations of the vocal melody and the lyrics...

Here's the original lyrics, which are subject to change...

DO YOU SEE IT? (The verses represent approaching (1 and 2), and stepping back from (3) an illusion. The center section represents being inside of the illusion.)



At last do you see it?

Appearing in the haze…


So many days we’ve watched for it.

So many times I’ve seen

Clear blue sky.

But I’ve stumbled…

Wondered why I ever try.



At last do you see me…

Emerging from the maze?


Over frays I’ve known


At long, long last..

All we do is laugh

For the foe is finally gone.

See, the storm is finally passed.


<< This center part is intentionally designed as a contrast to the verses. I probably need to come up with a more traditional chorus structure, but I'm trying to symbolically describe a constructed reality, where once inside, we think we have absolute clarity, but we've lost ourselves...>>


But it fades away…

How it fades away…


Just before I reach the sun

My vision fails

Our plan undone



But in that glimpse

That fleeting drop

I have control

I make time stop


Now I see it!

The glory of the maze!

Behold, the beauty of the walls!


At last you see

What I can be

What a poor mistaken world

That gave up, on me…

But it fades, away…


<< The bubble bursts and the individual realizes that construction is/was all an illusion. This center section is where I need the most help with your creativity. >>


Verse 3:

Oh don’t you see it?

Step in and be amazed!

I built this all for you!


And when it comes down

Stop and look around.

You’ll have finally found

The key


This will fade away.

It will all fade away.

It will fade away.


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